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Prism Facades, Toby Miller, Facade Designer and Engineer

Director – Façade Designer & Engineer

Toby Miller

Toby has been working in the Australian facade engineering industry for 17 years and has a keen eye for architectural design and façade detailing. He is passionate about bringing creative solutions to challenging projects.
Prism Facades, Heather Webster, Principal Facade Engineer

Director – Principal Facade Engineer

Heather Webster

Heather has been responsible for the facade engineering of a number of Sydney landmarks, including the UTS Dr Chau Chak Wing building; Quay Quarter Tower; and International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour.
Prism Facades, Troy Donovan, Principal Facade Designer

Principal Facade Designer

Troy Donovan

Troy has worked in the facade industry in Australia, New Zealand, and New York. Troy specialises in the design of custom facade systems and components, and has extensive experience with innovative use of materials in building facades.
Prism Facades, John Collins, Principal Facade Consultant

Principal Facade Consultant

John Collins

John has over 19 years’ experience extending across a wide range of management and design roles including concept studies, detailed design & documentation, peer reviews, site inspections, diagnostic & remediation, and asset upgrade.