Who We Are
Prism Facades

We are Australia's most creative facade design and engineering practice.

Sydney, Australia

Our Differences


Great Design & Ambitious

We thrive on the technical and creative challenges which accompany great design and ambitious architecture. We are passionate about realising great architecture, and we understand the impact and value that a strong architectural statement can provide to our clients.


Digital Modelling & Physical

We communicate ideas using a combination of hand sketching, 3D modelling, rapid prototyping, and machined parts. This approach helps our Clients and architectural partners to fully understand the facade design, including any fabrication and installation limitation, so that the scheme can be refined and optimised during the design process.


Rigorous & Detailed

We specialise in producing highly resolved facade designs and documentation, to ensure that the facade is delivered without compromise. By comprehensively resolving the facade, and clearly communicating these in our documentation, we ensure that the facade can be accurately priced, manufactured and installed.

Our Services
Facade Types

We specialise in developing unitised curtain wall systems which push the boundaries of what is possible with a traditional curtain wall frame. Over-sized panels, heavy articulation and modulation, and exotic materials are all possible using these tried and tested systems.

In their simplest form, window walls can offer economical and readily available glazing systems. These systems can also be modified to enhance their overall performance and accommodate unusual facade geometries, which are otherwise impractical in other facade systems.

The team at Prism have successfully realised a broad range of cladding systems on a range of projects, including, glass, stone, masonry/brick, aluminium, brass/bronze, terracotta, ceramics, stainless steel, GRC, GFRP and precast concrete.

We specialise in the design and engineering of all-glass structures, including glass walls, skylights, awnings, fluid tanks, display cases/vitrines, bridges, landings and stairs.

The team at Prism can help you to develop all facade systems, including completely bespoke and complex facades, with unusual geometries and materials, either static or dynamic.